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About me

A small introduction about my self

Jonathan Chum

Web Designer & Web Developer from Brooklyn, NY

Passionate, responsible and committed engineer with a get-it-done, on time spirit, and over 15 years of experience designing, implementing, and adapting technically sophisticated online/mobile applications using PHP, Javascript, Swift, NodeJS, three tiered architecture and more. Proficient in PHP, JavaScript, frontend/backend development, i10n/l10n and application development life cycle management.

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Technical Skills

I can say I'm quite good at


Object oriented programming, full stack developer

HTML 5 / CSS 3

Beautiful handwritten HTML 5/CSS 3 markup


Jquery implementation, scraping, and responsive UI

Node JS

Leverage backend API middle tier to NoSQL such as CouchDB, Firebase, Reddis and Amazon Web Services


HTML 5 implementation for deployment to Android and iOS devices using Ionic Framework & PhoneGap

Photoshop CS

Touch up, resizing, image optimization

Work Experience

My previous associations

August, 2012

Primoplace LLC

  • Architected MyGuestBook.com’s frontend UI for desktop, tablet, and mobile using Bootstrap. Implemented backend platform for property managers to manage their property listings by integrated with several property management services including AirBNB, FlipKey, and VRBO. Guest e-commerce experience where they are able to plan their trip by searching for tickets, purchase, and redeem through service provider includes Tourico.
  • Improved Medrepublic.com frontend/backend medical tourism portal experience for doctors and patients in Mexico. The product was a Nominee @ Startup Battlefield: Disrupt Cup
  • AwardMe iOS App Architected backend service using MongoDB and NodeJS which provided users an experience to redeem daily rewards via a native iOS app
  • Implemented WallyTheBot.com frontend/backend service based on Facebook messenger platform. Users may check into a location and Wally will return the best cards to use as well as best card to use for specific category.
  • Flywithmiles is an Mac OS X app built using Swift which searches and aggregates reward fares across 5 major airlines
  • Developed Blackberry offering for Turkish based retailer for shopamani.com - mobile loyalty and payments application
  • Developed davetshop.com with over 10K retailers upon launch for wedding industry in Istanbul. Search engine optimization organic growth to over 2K unique visitors a day
  • Developed Square Off, a pick’em & realtime chat app for World Cup and NFL using AngularJS, HTML 5, Firebase.
  • Buildout of FreeBSD dedicated box, full/incremental backups weekly/daily to network attached storage (NAS), hardening and maintaining ports and apps
  • Developed email marketing service using AJAX, integrated with Verisign/Payflow gateway http://www.primomailer.com
  • Developed Address Book export for Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo
  • Developed open source project management suite using AJAX and SVN
  • Developed eCommerce Storefront Solution http://primocart.com
June 2009
July 2012

Zynga Inc

Senior Software Engineer

Full stack engineer focusing on viral gamifcation, user retention, and growth on various franchise games including Mafia Wars, CastleVille, and PetVile.

  • Increased Mafia Wars new users to 45.5M accounts and 8M daily active users by building viral game mechanics and rewarding system
  • Flash Action Script development for Castleville new game launch prior to IPO
  • Developed zynga.com social gaming network feed system with likes/comments and login
  • Developed Zynga Social Center which was deployed across all Zynga portfolio games with a touch point of 338M users with a focus on cross promotion of new titles and game features based on player’s activities
April 2006
February 2009

Yahoo Inc.

Technical Yahoo! (Mobile Engineer)

Serve as a frontend developer and engineer for Yahoo! oneSearch mobile platform interfacing with various internal and external APIs.

  • Integrated Y! Search Monkey technology onto Y! Mobile oneSearch platform
  • Del.icio.us (social bookmarking) frontend rewrite from ground up – Company was acquired in late 2005
  • Led team to rewrite Y! Bookmarks (bookmarks.yahoo.com) from the ground up
    • Architecting application rewrite on the new Symfony framework
    • Built API for interfacing Y! Toolbars (IE & Firefox)
    • Involved with operations (Designed BCP failover, hardware needs/requests, 24/7 on-call, MMRTG reporting/tracking, Nagios monitoring, stress testing and benchmarking)
    • Reported to frontend manager and director of Social Search
    • Worked directly with international PMs with their requirements
    • Consultant for Y! Japan frontend team
    • Point man for package builds and application production deployment
    • Deployed 3 languages for GA, and 16 languages for BETA
  • Y! Answers i18n (internationalization)
  • Y! Search i18n (internationalization)


What I have done in my academic career

2002 - 2004

Computer Science

Georgia Institute of Technology


showcase of my latest works

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